To be or not to be (the best roommate ever)
Finals Study Tips

Finals Study Tips

Author: Scholastic Staff

Let's face it: studying is hard.  Here are some helpful tips to get you through finals!

  1. Study while driving. You’re more likely to remember things if you review them in different places
  2. Write the answers on pieces of paper. Tie the paper to birds’ legs. Wait six months. When the birds come back, catch them. Now you have the answers.

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Intro to DARTing

Intro to DARTing

Author: Erin Turley

I am so excited for today.  Everyone’s been talking about this darty for months.  Apparently this is a party that they only have twice a year, and there’s a pretty intricate theme.  Almost the entire school is involved, and everyone gets a certain time that they can begin dartying.  This is a day-long event too!  The earliest time people begin is at 6:50 AM.  Get this, though—it all happens on a

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Author: Erin Thomassen

It’s 2 a.m. and I am jealous of the printer, for it is in sleep mode and I am not.

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