BC fans blissfully unaware that school even has a football team

BC fans blissfully unaware that school even has a football team

Author: Bridget Kelley

Upon hearing the announcement that Notre Dame would be joining the Atlantic Coast Conference for the 2020 football season, Scholastic reached out to students from several ACC institutions to get their take. Boston College fans were particularly angered by the news, as most of them remained secretly embittered by being denied admission to Notre Dame as high school seniors.

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How to Talk to an Arts and Letters Major

How to Talk to an Arts and Letters Major

Author: Genevieve Redsten

You, dear reader, have encountered an Arts and Letters major in his natural habitat. Gentle, sensitive creatures, Arts and Letters majors can disorient the unsuspecting passerby with their strong, yet perplexing, opinions. Proceed with caution.

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The Menace of Electric Scooters
Johnson Family Hall Ruled Off-Campus

Johnson Family Hall Ruled Off-Campus

Author: Mitchell Johnson

After a long-running investigation, university officials have ruled that Johnson Family Hall, the new Notre Dame women’s residence set to welcome 225 undergraduates next fall, fails to meet the specifications necessary to be considered an official on-campus residence.

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Zahm Freshmen Enter 2020 Presidential Race
JayJay Jaykins' Election Rigged by Mafia Members

JayJay Jaykins' Election Rigged by Mafia Members

Author: Prasco, Joseph

I’m sure you’re well aware at this point that Rev. JayJay Jaykins, C.S.C. has been elected to his fourth term as university president. It was a unanimous decision by the Board of Trustees. You may be asking,

‘Why was he running unopposed?’ That’s the wrong question. What you should be asking…

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10 Ways to Amp Up Your Freshman Dorm Party

10 Ways to Amp Up Your Freshman Dorm Party

Author: Krienke, Kimani

10. WALL DECORATIONS: These range from cardboard cutouts of your beverage of choice to flags that let it be known to everyone who enters the room that you’re from Boston and proud of it.

9. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: An easy decoration you can leave up all year long without having to worry about taking…

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