New Study Reveals Football is a Sport
Chandler Sorin Haunts the Stepan Center
ND Student Manages to Avoid Being Condescending to Public University Student Through a Whole Conversation
Administration Reveals Plans for Useless Spending Lab
North Dining Hall Renovations Still Somehow Creating Stir
Student Uses 14 Meal Swipes at Once
DeBart Water Gains New Seasonal Flavor
Father Jenkins Announces Plans for On-Campus Retirement Community
I Looked at the Eclipse and as Penance I Have to Read Everybody's Study Abroad Blogs
Complete Opening of Campus Crossroads Postponed until 2078
 Nearly Half of Notre Dame Squirrels Blinded by Solar Eclipse
Notre Dame senior enlightens classmates on what “real world” is really like
Students flock to quad on first warm day of spring, show how many balls they can throw
‘JESUS H. CHRIST’ Signature Appears on Disinvite Vice President Pencil Petition
Jaykins: I invited Pencil. Are you HAPPY NOW?
Dunne freshman learns he has high cholesterol after Keenan Revue encourages him to get checked
VIEWPOINT: Homeless people make me sad! :(
Pete Bootijudge concerned Notre Dame students a little too obsessed with him
Three people who would win Notre Dame Hunger Games
The Smirish Smover's guide to free speech
Obscurer Staff Eagerly Awaits Death of Viewpoint Author’s Social Life
'Jesus H. Christ' signature appears in uninvite Vice President Pencil petition
Three Tips to Perfect Your Lenten Sacrifice

Three Tips to Perfect Your Lenten Sacrifice

Author: Julia Oksasoglu

Lenten season is underway, and it’s time to be choose what to give up and how to tell everyone you know, have ever met or driven next to on the freeway. Don’t miss these three tips to truly make the most of your metaphorical 40-days-in-the-desert.

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The Five Stages of Grief (for Students Coping with Utter Failure)
Student's Dad Not Actually Republican

Student's Dad Not Actually Republican

Author: Jarissa Sabal

Notre Dame freshman Grace Muro came to college excited to explore new frontiers of societal rage, and this past election certainly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, however, Grace reports that during the election she often felt she couldn’t keep up with her friends — she just doesn’t have enough hardship to complain about.

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Deepak Chopra Crushed to Learn DPAC Not Named After Him
Is It Okay to Punch a Nazi in the Face? Point/Counterpoint

Is It Okay to Punch a Nazi in the Face? Point/Counterpoint

Author: Liz Hynes

The Argument Against:

No! Violence is WRONG! Punching a Nazi brings you down to their level. By shoving your fist forcefully into their face, you are just as bad as the people whose words and actions made the Holocaust possible. Wars are not won with violence: They are won with firm handshakes, pinky promises and warm hugs. So the next time you encounter a Nazi, don’t punch them; send them a 45 page article from The Atlantic to open their eyes. I guarantee they’ll thank you for expanding their worldview!…

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Student Sues Professor over Failing Grade, Citing
To her horror, sophomore realizes three minutes into meal that this is a dining hall date