They Ate and Left So Many Crumbs

Author: Sarah Neus

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The season of construction paper hand-turkeys and Christmas music arguments has blossomed over campus sooner than we could have anticipated. With the holiday just around the corner, I took it upon myself to ask my fellow members of the student body here at the university about their unpopular Thanksgiving food opinions.

First up is fellow Lyonite, Mary Braden, class of 2026:

“Gravy is overrated.”

Now this is an opinion I can get behind. I’ll take a dry turkey slice over a meat juice/cornstarch-concoction-slathered-slice any day. Upon being asked if she was at least a fan of the gravy train in “Coraline,” Braden responded: “I don’t know what that is. But if you like it, I like it.”

My next interviewee is another Lyons Hall resident — our very own Corinne Quane, class of 2025. I texted her and she replied:


I must say I am a big fan of Quane’s straightforward nature and extreme passion in answering this question. I also don’t like to beat around the bush when it comes to food. Personally, I like stuffing too (perhaps not to the same extent), but I just don’t understand the food. It’s composed of deconstructed bread and some sort of broth, which somehow combine to create that fluffy cloud-like texture. It’s the season’s magic.

I asked Brandon Behnke, class of 2027 and proud Knott Hall Juggerknott, what he thinks:

“Turkey tastes like dry chicken; Thanksgiving is all about the sides.”

From mac and cheese to sweet potato casserole, there’s no doubt that Thanksgiving side dishes are iconic. When asked who he would like to have by his side at the dinner table this holiday season, he responded: “Jenna Ortega — my wife.”

Lastly, I reached out to my favorite Dillon Hall resident: Elijah Jackson, class of 2026:

“I don’t have any unpopular opinions. I’m a sheep.”

Well said, Eli. Why look for reasons to hate on such a beloved holiday?

Looking back, it’s safe to say that Thanksgiving is celebrated differently for so many people — some may despise certain dishes that others swear by! So, my Thanksgiving opinion is that you should attend more Thanksgiving dinner parties in order to get a full plate of what you really want.