Dating at Notre Dame

Author: Lindsey Lonergan

Dating at Notre Dame

Lindsey Lonergan

A recent campus poll indicated that when students were asked to describe their dating lives in three words, the most popular were “non-existent,” “Catholic” and “you-sound-like-my-mother.”

While these results are nothing short of romantic, love is in the air. Yes, you heard me right. I have three classic words for you: ring by spring. However disappointed you might be about that Dillion boy who didn’t invite you to his bowling SYR (bummer!), or the fact that you saw your class crush on a dining hall date with another girl (it’s fine — they didn’t look that into each other), the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and things are looking up. 

But before things can turn the corner, we must acknowledge some Notre Dame dating disasters. 

Just when one student thought things were going well in her relationship, things took a drastic turnright into the parking lot of the seminary! Things went from bad to worse as the same fate befell her following three relationships. Fourth time’s the charmI guess? 

There is some competition, though, for the biggest dating disasters. Like that one time a student was told that she should “go to confession” after her first date — by her date himself. 

Or the boy who risked parietals just to be ghosted the next morning. Even his rector let it slide. He said that a trip to OCS would do no good for a kid with a broken heart. 

Truth being told, campus can be tough this time of year. However unpredictable your grades might be, just know that you can always count on at least two couples holding hands on their way to class. Or a pair in Hesburgh who think that fluorescent lights and textbooks are attractive. 

So, as unappealing as another blind date formal in Jordan sounds, there is hope. Soon enough it’ll be your turn to pull down your mask and make out in the middle of Duncan. You can be the one to tell your friends that “ever since I saw him at Domer Fest, we just, like, clicked.” 

There’s nothing like a movie night in your cozy lofted twin XL bed, or your Zaland pizza slice being paid for. So take a walk around the lakes, or make your move under the Lyons arch because — rumor has it — you might just wind up in the Basilica a few years down the road.