Tips For Walking Alone

Author: Ellie Hammerschmidt

Scholars worked tirelessly over the summer, concocting the following list to give you a few options for when you’re walking to class alone and trying to look ‘cool’ while doing so.

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What’s Up With the Food Trucks?

Author: Emma Koster

Are you getting tired of the same old dining classics? Maybe it’s time to venture outside of Duncan Student Center or Lafun to try out one of the newly contracted food trucks on Notre Dame’s campus.

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Your Resident Menu Writer, Artist and Forever Ally, Lori

Author: Maria Wong

If you are among the elite patronage of students that frequents North Dining Hall, there is a chance that you’ve seen... a chipmunk drawn on the whiteboard that overlooks the lobby of North Dining Hall. Meet Lori Haselrick, the artist behind North Dining Hall's intricately illustrated whiteboards.

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Profile of the new VP for Student Affairs

Author: Elizabeth Prater

On June 1, 2021, Rev. Gerard “Gerry” J. Olinger, C.S.C., was named to serve as the vice president for student affairs, replacing former VP Erin Hoffmann Harding. While he only started serving this year, Olinger has already made large strides in his new role.

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Food and Labor Shortage on Campus

Author: Heidi Meyo Delgado

Both North and South Dining Hall staff are working diligently around the clock. Nevertheless, the question on students’ minds is, “Why are these lines taking forever?” Director of Campus Dining Luis Alberganti provided some color on the issues the team is currently facing.

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COVID Stragglers

Author: Corinne Quane

From masked to almost fully vaccinated, the Notre Dame campus community has undergone a 360-degree turnaround on the COVID-19 front. With vaccination rates over 90%, there’s a palpable sense of a return to what once was. Dining halls are operating at full capacity, classes are held entirely in-person and clubs and activities have resumed.

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Just a Thought

Author: Katherine Holtz

Laura Dassow Walls is the William P. and Hazel B. White Professor of English at Notre Dame. Her research primarily focuses on the Transcendentalism movement. Interested in historical American figures such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walls explores how language finds its place in the non-human world of the outdoor environment.

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From the Desks of Allan and Matthew

Author: Allan Njomo and Matthew Bisner

It has been wonderful to be back — to see faces, hug one another and be with each other. We have loved to see our Irish back in action on the football field, soccer pitch and volleyball court. Our theme for the year as Student Government has been “Onward.”

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Bleeding Blue and Gold for Decades

Author: Megan Kelleher

Most students at Notre Dame love to joke that they “bleed blue and gold,” but sophomore Jimmy Maher quite literally has Notre Dame blood coursing through his veins. “Jimmy” is short for James Vincent Maher V, who is the fourth generation of Maher men to attend Notre Dame. 

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