Sports Feature: Volleyball

Author: Daniel Paglia

With an impressive 6-1 record at the conclusion of the fall ACC volleyball schedule, Notre Dame is ranked No. 5 heading into their spring schedule, which will allow them to compete for a national championship.

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Winter Session Opportunities and Offerings

Author: Dessi Gomez

Over a ten week winter break, the University of Notre Dame will be piloting its first Winter Session, during which many forms of virtual experiences will be offered for students who want to use the time for networking, service, academics or research.

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#tbt: iPads to Zoom Meetings

Author: Lee, Michael

About a decade ago, the University of Notre Dame investigated the idea of expanding technology use in the classroom. In an article written for the November 2010 issue of Scholastic, Caitlin Wilson summarized a project management class where students were lent an iPad for their convenience. 

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Sports Rundown

Author: Sean Lonergan

The coronavirus has radically transformed the landscape of college sports, and after initial worries, Notre Dame fans are fortunate to still enjoy a 2020-21 season. Student attendance at games, even in a limited capacity, has helped to elevate the atmosphere and maintain the feeling of excitement despite coronavirus-related adjustments. 

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Review: "Emily in Paris"

Author: Capuano, Leah

Have your dreams of going to France been crushed by COVID-19?


Don’t plan on filling the baguette-shaped hole in your heart with the new Netflix original series, “Emily in Paris.” 

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Letter from the Editor

Author: Daphne Saloomey

Recently it seems that every year has been crowned historic in nature for one reason or another. But 2020 actually fits the bill, if only due to the sheer number of pivotal moments it has yielded.

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Restoration Week

Author: Annabeth Briley

"No fall break. Can’t go home. Can’t visit new places. Can’t catch up on sleep. But you still need a break!”  This was the slogan that Notre Dame’s McDonald Center for Student Well-Being used on their website to advertise Restoration Week.

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Just a Thought: Professor Graham Peaslee

Author: Analie Fernandes

Graham Peaslee is a professor of physics and concurrent professor of chemistry and biochemistry, whose research focuses mainly on applications of nuclear physics. Peaslee’s commitment to the principles of education is a common thread within all of his responsibilities.

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Review: Season 2 of "The Boys"

Author: Oscar Noem

With the sheer volume of superhero content available, it’s difficult for a franchise to really stand out from the crowd as something special — yet “The Boys” manages to leave a lasting impression all the same.

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New Title IX Movements on Campus

Author: Emma Ferdinandi

In  May of 2020 the Department of Education (DOE) announced the new Title IX Rule, which introduced and amended many Title IX regulations. It would go into full effect Aug. 14, giving the University of Notre Dame, and all other schools, less than four months to discuss and implement measures compliant with the Rule.

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ACB divides ND

Author: Dessi Gomez

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has brought more press to Notre Dame recently with her nomination and recent confirmation to the Supreme Court on Monday October 26. 

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COVID Clobbering Crumb Collectors

Author: Nick Pesce

Notre Dame students aren’t the only ones struggling to make ends meet this semester. Data from the Department of Even Micro-er Economics on campus shows that the leftover food market, a main source of economic activity for the cockroach population, has nearly ground to a halt.  

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