Student's Dad Not Actually Republican

Author: Jarissa Sabal


Notre Dame freshman Grace Muro came to college excited to explore new frontiers of societal rage, and this past election certainly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, however, Grace reports that during the election she often felt she couldn’t keep up with her friends — she just doesn’t have enough hardship to complain about. “My friends have faced so much more adversity than I have. It just isn’t fair,” says the Chicago-born marketing major. “I mean, my roommate just returned from her second tour of duty in Afghanistan! How can I compete with that?”

So Grace set out to level the playing field. She began subtly hinting about discontent with her father a week before the election. “I knew I would need something big, so I came in one night yelling into my phone. There was no one on the line. I’m a pretty good actress.” Muro reportedly told her roommate that she was beyond angry with her dad for supporting Trump and that she didn’t even want to talk to him anymore.

Muro was originally elated by her success. She found she could join in approximately 60 percent more conversations with her peers resenting Trump, the patriarchy, her parents and the state of the country in general. However, recent events have had her reconsidering. “I started to feel bad. My dad’s usually pretty cool; he even eats at Chipotle and stuff.” Alas, she decided to come clean.

“I thought people would be pretty surprised, but no one really seemed to care. I feel better about it though, so at least there’s that.” Muro’s roommates reportedly thought it was “pretty weird” to lie about something like that, but “didn’t really care” that much on the whole.”