Lost in Acres of Corn, Kaine Stumbles upon Notre Dame

Author: Jared Anderson Pino

Walking to my home in Siegfried, I overheard a student criticizing our government. With a smirk, he intellectually pondered, “What the HELL does our vice president do?” while reversing his ‘Make America Great Again’ cap. In an attempt to solve this mystery for my fellow classmate, I’ve done the research and have found what one potential VP has been up to.

Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine spent most of his time last week following Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail through Indiana, at least up until the electric fence. Thankfully, Clinton remembered to feed and walk him because he’s never been much of an outside VP candidate.

In a personal interview with NDTV, Kaine applauded Clinton’s hard work and determination. There was neither a bad bone in his body nor his snout. Apparently, his bark and bite are equally unthreatening.

But my friends have actually met the guy, and it’s true: he’s a good dog. One look at his pinchable cheeks will have you forgetting all your misconceptions about even the most rascally of pooches.

Kaine, despite some concerning “Kaine-ine” qualities, your tail-wagging personality has earned you a special treat, a visit to this beautiful campus. Just steer clear of the campus Dawgs.