5 People to Unfriend this Election Season

Author: Megan Valley


Every election season, Facebook and Twitter unite forces to amplify the ignorant, under-researched and highly irritating opinions that you don’t really care all that much about beyond the pictures of their dogs that they share sometimes. This election season, here are five people making their voices heard to unfollow or unfriend so that you don’t have to hear them.


The 15-year old Bernie bro - Whether they’re your younger cousin or your little sister’s ex boyfriend, they won’t let the dream die and are insistent that a Sanders presidency is possible “if we all write him in.” No wait, that’s not true — they can’t actually vote, so it’s “if you all write him in.”


The serial commenter - Every political status they see enrages them to the point of a 167 comment thread that you’re forced to see at the top of your feed with each tortuous update, despite not giving one darn diddle about their opinions.


The article sharer - Most of the time, it seems unlikely that this person actually read the full article before sharing, choosing instead to find a controversial headline and share it with the caption “something to think about” accompanied by the concentrating emoji. While annoying, the main problem with this person is that their posts become breeding grounds for the commenters to share every terrible opinion they’ve ever had. See #2 on this list.


The crush - Do you really want to ruin a good thing by learning what they think about Donald Trump? Wouldn't you rather be ignorant? 


The Canada defector -  Whenever either candidate says something controversial, this person gets all heated up and makes an empty threat to move to Canada. Bonus points if the reason they’re packing up is because they think the U.S. is “falling for” socialism.