Faculty and Research

Faculty and Research

Author: Tessa Bangs

“You want the best professors who are most passionate about what they’re doing and those are the ones who are doing research."

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The Endowment: Not Just a Pot of Gold
Hesburgh in the Air

Hesburgh in the Air

Author: Casey Nash

Fr. Hesburgh, a man who influenced countless lives and held company with some of the world’s most powerful people, had one weakness: airplanes.

A self-proclaimed aviation buff, Hesburgh held a lifelong interest in all things pertaining to flight. While he’d wanted to become a priest since the age of six, his goal after that was to become a chaplain on an aircraft carrier. His childhood hobby was building model airplanes, but his fascination really began with his first plane ride. When Hesburgh was 10 years old his father paid five dollars for him to ride in a barnstormer’s stunt plane. “I was hooked for life,” Hesburgh said of the ride in his autobiography.…

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Father Hesburgh and Vietnam

Father Hesburgh and Vietnam

Author: Maria Fahs

The 1960s were a tumultuous time in America, especially during the Vietnam War. At Notre Dame, Fr. Hesburgh often clashed with students who felt that he was not taking a strong enough anti-war stance. He respected their right to free speech and peaceful protest, but he was not against intervening when they threatened to burn down the ROTC building and staged a lie-in during CIA and Dow Chemical interviews on campus. He even had to face Sorin Hall (now Sorin College) seceding temporarily from the university.…

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Hesburgh: A University’s President, A Nation’s Potential Vice President
The Shirt's 26th Year

The Shirt's 26th Year

Author: Christina Payne

With the Blue and Gold game on the horizon, Notre Dame fans and students prepare for the one of the biggest moments of every year: the unveiling of the Shirt.

The Shirt started in 1990 as a way to raise money for Notre Dame student clubs and activities. It was meant to be a unifying symbol for the student body in the 1990 opening football game against the University of Michigan. That first year, over 9,000 shirts were sold.

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Campus Remembers Dr. King with Service and Mass

Campus Remembers Dr. King with Service and Mass

Author: Andrea Vale

A prayer service honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was held on Monday, Jan. 19 in the rotunda of Main Building under a large banner bearing the iconic photo of Father Hesburgh, arm in arm with Dr. King.

The service was followed by a mass to honor Dr. King in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart later that afternoon. The mass was presided over by Fr. Pete McCormick, C.S.C., and featured music by the Voices of Faith Gospel Choir.…

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