Letter from the Editor

Author: Daphne Saloomey


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes, including giving Notre Dame students what felt like our longest semester ever followed by our longest winter break in recent history, we have, for the most part, been able to get back to business as usual this semester. There are no vestiges of break-induced sluggishness. In fact, we’re barreling full steam ahead toward one of the most active parts of the semester: the student body presidential and vice presidential election season.


Scholastic is always tasked with reviewing and analyzing each of the tickets running for office. It is a process both arduous and rewarding as we seek to meaningfully understand the ambitions of every ticket, as well as the nuances of their platforms, in order to assess who we think would best serve the student body.


This year there are three tickets on the ballot.


Max Siegel and Zachary Holland promise to re-energize student government with their outsider perspective. Their fervor for bringing the Notre Dame community together is much needed in a world in which COVID-19 has partially broken us apart.


Mabry Webb and Jacob Calpey bring to the table the flexible attitude needed to face the unforeseen obstacles sure to crop up in a pandemic-ridden world. Their platform sets realistic goals and prioritizes student mental health, an issue I was personally pleased to see highlighted.


Though each of these tickets offers something special, the Scholastic staff endorses Allan Njomo and Matthew Bisner for their proven experience and dedication to listening to students and lifting them up, which was reflected in their sweeping platform.


Aside from our assessment of the tickets running for office, this issue contains all of our normal content. Check out our News section for a piece on the addition of students to the HERE campaign committee this semester, or read about Notre Dame’s new fashion magazine, Strike, in our Culture section.


For the athletically inclined, head to the Sports section for season updates on both men’s and women’s basketball. And finally, if you’re in need of a mood booster, our humor section’s got you covered: read all about one enterprising student’s efforts to game the surveillance testing process.


As we head into the worst of the winter months here in South Bend, remember to take care of yourself. The first step in doing so might just be reading this issue of Scholastic. Hope you enjoy it!



Daphne Saloomey