A COVID-Safe South Bend Bucket List

Author: Lauren Kesic


As a senior, I have many regrets. One of the biggest ones is not having explored more of South Bend when I had the chance. Now that I’m about to graduate, there’s nothing I love more than getting out of the classroom, off of Zoom and away from campus with my friends. I’ve compiled a list of all things worth doing and checking out around town that comply with CDC and school standards. So take a beat from burying your nose in the books and peel your eyeballs away from that screen for an afternoon or night on the town. 

Corndance – Local restaurants offer great deals that can help you break away from the redundancy of eating on campus . On Monday nights at Corn Dance you can get three large-portioned tapas from the menu for $19. The best way to go is with a small group of friends that way each person can order three different things and by the time all tapas are served, you’ve got yourself a mini smorgasbord for a reasonable price. 

Ice Skating in Howard Park – Winter Break might be over, but winter activities are still in full force. Make reservations in advance to secure a spot on the ice rink — keep in mind that Tuesday and Wednesday nights are $5 skate nights, and Fridays are DJ Skate Night.

Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center – Tired of Wii bowling, playing Mario Kart or putting balls into an old coffee cup? Head to Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center for real-time bowling, go-kart racing and blacklight mini-golfing. Strikes and Spares offers a few deals but the best one yet has to be their Monday Madness $1 games of bowling. Here’s a fun idea: take a few hours out of your Monday night for a nice dinner with friends at Corndance and then bowling at Strikes and Spares.

In-person Mass at the Basilica – Yes, the Basilica is on-campus. But attending Mass in your home state might not be an option right now. Take advantage of the beauty our school has to offer, whether you’re Catholic or not. Before you know it, you’re going to be missing hearing the Church bells ring every hour and wish you spent more time marveling at the beauty of the Basilica. 

Sky Zone – After sitting at a desk all week long, it’s always good to get your wiggles out. One way to do that is by jumping around Sky Zone’s trampoline park. Every Friday and Saturday night Sky Zone has a glow night with lasers, music and blacklights. Wear white, wear a mask and bounce the night away. 

Pure Barre and Orange Theory – Get your body moving! Stay warm and active by trying out a free first workout class at Pure Barre or Orange Theory. To reap the benefit of the free first class, just give the studios a call and sign up. 

South Bend Farmer’s Market – Head to the South Bend Farmer’s Market for in-season, local foods and products. The market not only offers farm-fresh foods but the opportunity to make eco-conscious decisions. Shop local and make a healthy meal out of your grocery haul.