A Closer Look: Notre Dame, the Tantur Ecumenical Institute and Holy Land Peace Building

Author: O'Neil, Alison

Its name evokes curiosity, and even a sense of mysticism: What is this institute, and how does its work relate to Notre Dame? While owned by the Holy See, Tantur is a theological research institute leased to the university that was founded in 1972. Nestled among cypress and olive trees and set on a hill overlooking Jerusalem, Tantur boasts a library with 70,000 volumes, a chapel, a dining hall, classrooms and conference rooms. The Institute offers several options for visitors and scholars, including the three-week Easter Encounter, a Scholar’s Program and additional summer opportunities.

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Optimus Provost and the Power of Self-Written Capability: The Story of Gavin Provost

Author: Ally Bartoszewicz

In early 1990, Carol Provost received difficult news followed by referral to a geneticist and advice to terminate her four-and-a-half month pregnancy. Her unborn child, she was told, had spina bifida — a neurological condition that disrupts development of the spinal cord and parts of the brain. In this case, spina bifida meant her child would likely be in a wheelchair his entire life.

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Clowning Around: A Column on the Television Media

Author: Elle Dietz

Snoop Dogg recently made news and provoked controversy with the release of his music video, "Lavender," which — in the course of criticizing President Trump's administration, among other things — portrays the rapper shooting a gun at President Trump, dressed in a clown outfit. This caricature of the president in a clownsuit isn't far from what the television media covering Trump has now become.…

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#tbt Fantastic Footwear

Author: Charlie Kenney

In the October 1983 issue of Scholastic, Fred Zimmerman, “veteran footwear observer,” wrote about what went through his head the first time he saw “Duck Shoes.”

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Breaking News: The Restaurants in Campus Crossroads

Author: Joe Disipio

Each year, the football program assembles a distinct team, drawing from talent both old and new, to take the field in the historic Notre Dame Stadium. As the first official season of the Campus Crossroads era approaches, Campus Dining is doing the same.

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