Celebrating Scholastic's 150th Anniversary

Author: Tessa Bangs

In the second edition of our 150th anniversary celebration, I examine one of Scholastic’s familial ties: that of editor-in-chief Mark J. Mitchell, Jr., class of 1939, and his grandson, Mark J. Mitchell IV, class of 1996, who served as managing editor.

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Just a Thought with Molly Walsh

Author: Lexi Leahy

Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics Molly Walsh received her Ph.D. in Statistics from Northwestern and her B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.

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#tbt To Rules That Just Won't Change

Author: Ferdinandi, Emma

In Scholastic’s November 1998 issue, Erin Lum wrote about her vain attempts to turn in an assignment past the deadline for a class taught by a “stickler for rules” — a frustration that college students are all too familiar with.

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SenNotes: Student Senate Update

Author: Joe Disipio

Transparency is the key to any functioning government, so in every issue, Scholastic will attempt to pull back the curtain on student government and see what makes the Senate, elected to represent the interests of the student body, tick.

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South Bend Takes a Stand on Human Rights

Author: Kelli Smith

On Sept. 12, the St. Joseph County Council passed an interlocal agreement that, once signed, will redirect cases of discrimination within the county’s limits from Indianapolis agencies to the South Bend Human Rights Commission.

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Featured Performer Jon Gallagher

Author: Paris Shirley

When Irish soccer player Jon Gallagher walked away with the Athletic Coast Conference (ACC) Offensive Player of the Year award last season, it was both an achievement marking all the success that he has had in the program and a testament to the worldwide journey that brought him here. 

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