Judgment Calls

Judgment Calls

December 2023

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

↑ Christmas Music
Real Christmas stans have been listening since July.

Thanksgiving Travel

South Bend airport should fly direct to everyone's hometown.

Winter Fashion
Serving Hallmark movie protagonist realness.

→ Spotify Wrapped
It's fun until you find out other people listen to music

↓ Finals
A final paper AND a final exam violates the Geneva Conventions.

→ Dawn of Winter
Peppermint truthers, rise!

Judgment Calls

November 2023

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

↑ Jumbotron Baby
This baby better get automatic admission to ND in 17 years.

Three-night Halloween costumes

How bad did that onesie smell on Sunday morning?

→ Halloween Snow Day
No one can see my Halloween costume under my puffer jacket.

↓ Electric Skateboards
Please reference the 2023 Mendoza fire.

Fall Break
Here's to catching up on sleep ... unless you headed down to Nashville.

→ Inflatable costumes at football games
Sure, it's funny, but no one behind you can see the field.

Judgment Calls

October 2023

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Heat waves

Attending a historic university is cool, but so is air conditioning.

Fall Flavors
Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

For the small price of $100, you will get a cute, monogrammed shirt and twin with every female on campus.

↓ Ohio 
All Ohioans do is play football, eat skyline chili and lie.

→ Sam Hartman's Beard
We'd love to see more of that beautiful, beautiful place.

↑ Second Floor LaFun
New and imrpoved with contactless bathroom doors.

Judgment Calls

February 2023

Judgment Calls

Author: Meghan Cappitelli

↓ Norovirus

A brush with non-alcohol-induced vomit.

↑ Fat Tuesday
Love the king cake.

↓ Punxsutawney Phil
Doesn’t look like winter to me.

→ Valentine’s Day
Great for lovers, not for loners.

→ Grubhub Robots
Pure controversy.

↑ Junior Parents’ Weekend
Welcome to Newfs, ‘rents.

→ Meatless Fridays
You win, vegans.

Judgment Calls

October 2022

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

  Halloween on a Monday

That calc exam was EXTRA scary.

 Sunny and 70 in November

Pre-permacloud vitamin D.

 Fall break game sandwich

That was chaotic.

 World Peace Plaza finished


Las Vegas

Make your own judgment.


The season is upon us.

 Midterm papers

At least they're not exams?

Judgment Calls

November 2019

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

 The Weather

Snow on Halloween?


Who decided on a new format?

 Presidential Debate

Not only the Poli Sci majors are excited.

 Three November Home Games

It’s too cold for this.

 Christmas Carols

Not in November

 Swiping into Hes

Library Parietals?


We need another break.


Judgement Calls

October 2019

Judgement Calls

Author: Nguyen, Isabel

 The Flu

Wash your hands please.

 Duncan Head Sculpture

We still don’t get it.

 Fall Break

It’s coming.


Don’t get too attached to your GPA.

 3 Straight Home Games

Sunday scaries.

 Electric Skateboards

Stop flexing.

 Fall Weather



Judgment Calls

April 2019

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

 Late Easter 

When’s break? Need to be resurrected.


There’s always next year. Again.

 Leggings Pride 

Show those “blackly naked rear ends!”

 April Fools

I’m not laughing...

 Modern Market Breakfast Hours

Breakfast doesn’t end at 10:30.

 Sayonara, Seniors 

We hate to see you leave, but we love to watch you go.


Taste this first place!


Judgment Calls

February 2019

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Jokes about the weather

We get it. It’s cold.

DPAC events

Show Some Skin, Stupid Humans and Renée Elise Goldsberry. We’re so inspired.


They’re infiltrating the dining halls.

 Men’s basketball


[RIGHT] No more FYS

Good, but Moreau survives.


No one cares.

Keenan Revue

Worth the lines this year.

Judgment Calls

November 2018

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff


$1.00 service fee???


Nothing matters.


More diverse candidates elected!


We didn’t vote for three rounds of tests.

 Christmas Carols

Don’t jump the gun.

 No More Football

The countdown to New Mexico begins now.


A holiday entirely dedicated to food.


Judgment Calls

October 2018

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Fire Drills

It’s getting cold outside.

 Duncan Head Sculpture

A tad strange.


Winning is fun!

Fall Break

Was it really a break?

Garth Concert

Freezing but fun.

Cold Season



Start shopping, folks.

Judgment Calls

September 2018

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

 Winter Is Coming

Brace yourself.


 Football Season

2-0 for the first time since 2015.



No more 15-minute wait at Starbucks. 


 Meme Page

Step it up, folks.


 Lime-S Electric Scooters

We love the idea, but where are they?


 New Waddick's

Not a fan, but thanks for keeping the old booths at least. 


 Inside Scholastic

New monthly news show following every issue!

Judgment Calls

March 2018

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Potential Changes to Waddick's 

The gentrification of O'Shag has begun.

Winter Olympics

The four-year countdown to start caring about curling begins once again.


Usually not something you want to have on campus.

Ring by Spring

We need to get rid of this phrase. It's absolutely terrifying. 

Giving up sweets for Lent

God must get tired of this one right?

DuStu Food Hours

Please, please, please, PLEASE close later than 10 p.m. 

Spring Break

At least that's almost here!

Judgment Calls

February 2018

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Warm Weather in January

I guess Global Warming is real!

Copy Editing

Sorry comma Rohit period 

Leaving Jumbotron on all night

Friday All Night Lights?

Unsalted Sidewalks

Just taste bad :(

Power Outage

At least we had a reason to not do homework. 

Duncan Student Center

The nickname debate is tearing us apart.

Keenan Revue Line

I can't believe I waited two hours...I thought it was the Starbucks line.


Judgment Calls

November 2017

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

South Dining Hall

Don't you forget about me.

Duncan Student Center

Welcome to my house.


Bad for football games; worse for tailgates.


They don't end until finals. LOL.

Daylight Savings Time

I didn't use that extra hour of sleep anyway.

Thanksgiving Break

I feel tricked.

Free Hats

The only time Notre Dame has ever given something free to its students. 

Judgment Calls

October 2017

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Heat Waves

I was enjoying the fall (for all two days of it).

New Hires

Long live the Keough School.

Notre Dame Forum

If anyone can teach me how to take midterms, it's a White House Chief of Staff, or two.

Notre Dame Town Halls

Starting to make me dread midnight emails.

Mass Emails

First a junior, then an administrator, who's next?

Glare in the Stadium

Maybe someone should've thought about the sun. 

Fall Break

At least that's almost here!

Judgment Calls

September 2017

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

South Dining Hall

This is the dining hall that didn't need any changes.

Jenkins & Nanovic Halls

Well worth the walk.

Flex Points

We always appreciate having more...

Flex Points

...but not when they don't roll over from semester to semester. 


Convenient when you can find them...if you can ever find them. 

Reckers' New Hours

How are we supposed to stay awake now?

New Dining Hall Rules

Because some days you need to swipe in more than three times. 

Judgment Calls

April 2017

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff


Sorry for the reminder, all

Easter Break

Even if you're staying on campus #ShoutoutSDH

Fencing and Hockey

Let's be real, we've been a fencing school for a while now

Notre Dame Day

Has it already been a year?

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Don't call it a comeback

PigTostal Shirt

Pig Looking Forward to Being Eaten After Humiliation on PigTostal Shirt

Opening Day

Nothing marks spring like Cubs fans who won't shut up

Judgement Calls

March 2017

Judgement Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Spring Midterms

Spring Break is so close...yet so far.

Early Warm Weather

Please don't let the cold back in

March Madness 

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Holy Half Marathon Training

Braving the elements one mile at a time.

Shamrock Shakes

They're alright I guess


Why are they always around?


Pulling out all the stops for the parents. 

Judgment Calls

February 2017

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Two-Step Login

Step One.

Darties in January

Thanks, global warming.


The War on Cabs continues.


Still here.

Six Dollar Footlongs

Not as good as five.

Two-Step Login

Step Two.

Extra Flex Points

(Apologies to our off-campus editors.)

Judgment Calls

December 2016

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

The Snowball Fight

Slushy and perhaps premature

Extra Flex Points

Catch me balling out at the Huddle

End of Football Season

Thank God that nightmare is over

Library Scholar’s Lounge

Ooh you think you fancy huh?

Advent Calendars

Purple is my color but pink isn’t

Gift Giving Responsibilities

I’m broke

17 Days Until Christmas


Judgment Calls

November 2016

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff


More like FAR-king

Fall dome photos

Can I paint with all the colors of the wind?

Barbici delivers now

'Italian street food' more like 'my couch food'

NOVO-ing season

Getting sweaty just thinking about it 

Campus Crossroads

Still a thing

NDH Renovations

Stop making employees direct traffic

60 days until Christmas

That's basically two ABC Family '25 Days of Christmas' marathons 

Judgement Calls

October 2016

Judgement Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Falling Temperatures

C'mon, just a little more sunshine...

iOS 10

This messaging app is something, huh?

Fall Break

Time to head home and wish your friends were off school too. 


Where are my reading days?

The Rise of Pumpkin Spice

If you can dream it, you can pumpkin spice it. 

Bad Halloween Costumes

My guess is at least three Trumps per party. 

MLB Playoffs

Baseball is almost over, guys. 

Judgment Calls

September 2016

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

O’Safety Walk

Who can keep up?


Burger who?

Bike Locks

A vital defense in peak bike-treeing season

Sausage Party

A brutal movie

 Campus Crossroads

We’re making progress.

iPhone 7

Why no headphone jack, Apple? Why?

Frank Ocean

His new album, “Blonde,” is an absolute beauty. 

Judgment Calls

April 2016

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

April Snow Flurries

Get it together in spring.

Blue-Gold Game


Summer in Sight

So close, yet so far.

Holy Half Cancelled

Looks like you'll just have to run two next year.

Major League Baseball

You and your grandpa have something to talk about again.

Bad DART Times

The only time 7:55 a.m. is super late.

Reading Days

Great for catching up on everything but reading. 

Judgment Calls

February 2016

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Spring Midterms

Spring Break is so close ... yet so far.

Lenten Sacrifices

Self-control is good.

The Periodic Table

Who knew it could be a song? Thanks, Hunter.

Holy Half Marathon Training

Braving the elements one mile at a time.

The Revenant

A compelling silent film.

ND Tuition Increase

Six figure price tag coming soon.


Pulling out all the stops for the parents.

Judgment Calls

December 2015

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Finals Week

Just remember that syllabus week is right around the corner

Secret Santa

The best way to quanitfy your friendships

Fiesta Bowl

Everyone can fiesta about an Irish vs. Buckeyes matchup

Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak

Don't take any chances...even for a burrito

New Year's

It can't quite top Christmas


Except you don't want to leave college

SDH Christmas Dinner

The one night when you can actually eat the meat

Judgment Calls

November 2015

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Notre Dame's SUB Concert Series 

We attract the best students, but unfortunately not the best artists

DeShone Kizer

Best Irish QB since Brady Quinn?

Return of ND Basketball  


Colder Weather

That grass won't be visible for long...

Christmas Music 

Already hearing faint traces of Mariah Carey

Debate Moderators  

Might as well just ask the audience

Thanksgiving Dinner

'Tis the season of much gluttony

Judgment Calls

October 2015

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Clemson's "Southern Hospitality"

They don't have any...

Speaking from experience.

The Budding Social Media Presence of Scholastic


Halloween in DTSB

Thriving metropolis.

SnapChat Update

So much worse than your worst selfie.

Job/Internship Search

Don't make me adult. I don't want to adult today.

Midterm Season Arrives

... Moment of silence... 

SDH Burger Bar

It's really just the same patty with bacon ... but it's so much more exciting.

Judgment Calls

February 2015

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Junior Parents Weekend

Teaching your mom how to Wobble is great. Drunkenly carrying her back to the hotel is not.

Graduation Moved to the Stadium

Senior frowns moved to the smiles.

“American Sniper” Doesn’t Win Best Picture

Something tells me that the movie producers who made $300 million aren’t too concerned.

Midterms Week


Hall Government Elections

No new policies, but at least your posters give us something to read in the bathroom.

Jewell Loyd Defeats Jerian Grant at H.O.R.S.E

She also had way better smack talk than he did. 

The Final Issue of the Current Scholastic Staff

As we weep, Judgment Call readers everywhere rejoice.