Judgment Calls

Judgment Calls

February 2015

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Polar Vortex Juno

At Scholastic, we even complain about storms that don't hit us.

Zahm Fails to Register a Candidate

It's not like they wanted to be interviewed by us anyway.

Mayor Buttigieg Applies for Re-election

Best thing to happen to South Bend since Chipotle.

SnapChat Takes Away My Best Friends

I’m still watching you bae. Trust me, I am always watching.

Valentine’s Day Approaches

If you’re not engaged now, it probably won’t happen! :)

Measles confirmed in Chicago

How is this still a thing?

Jerrian Grant’s Deep Three Point Shot

Dick Vitale thinks he could have made it from Mishawaka.

Judgment Calls

December 2014

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff


More like finally have an excuse not to shower.

Possible Irish Bachelor

We need more low budge reality drama!

Music City Bowl Matchup vs. LSU

Campus Crossroads Construction

I'm tired of parking behind Compton. The one in California.

Winter Break

Time to binge watch all the shows.

Bun Runs

Shield your eyes. Or look. It's your choice.

Will and Kate meet Bey and Jay

Collabo coming soon.

Judgment Calls

November 2014

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Einstein Bros Bagels in the Bookstore

Books, bagels, bankruptcy.

“Bomb cyclone”

A significantly more terrifying name than “polar vortex.”

Taylor Swift on campus

Her next song: “Welcome to South Bend.”

Flex points running out

Let's start eating the furniture.

Alex from Target

Where did this crazy internet "meme" come from?

National Title hopes

There's always fencing...

DARTing season

When your typing speed determines all your hopes and dreams.

Judgment Calls

October 2014

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff


ABP? More like RIP... Greenfields.

Commencement in the JACC

They changed their minds, right?

Last minute wins

As if midterms week wasn't stressful enough.

The cold

Winter is coming.

Mayor Pete's return from Afghanistan

Dude is seriously the man. 

SIBC absorbed into Mendoza dominion

The takeover continues.

Keough School of Global Affairs

How much money do the Keoughs have?!

Judgment Calls

September 2014

Judgment Calls

Author: Scholastic Staff

Football Bye Weeks

Don't ask me to get off the couch

Yik Yak

For when you've exhausted every other way to put off work.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Embrace the basic.

Commencement to be held in the JACC

This is JACC'd up...

Prince George's New Sibling

Because babies.

New Hymnals

Nice, but slamming them shut isn't as satisfying.

Printer Quota Changes

Fine. I didn't want to print that reading anyway.