The Dorm Lottery

Author: Claire McArthur

It’s a sunny, Friday afternoon in September — the sun glistening high in the sky, sunlight filtering through the various shades of green leaves still attached to their beloved trees. Soon, they will litter the ground, all varying shades of reds, oranges and yellows. Gentle breezes hint of fall’s arrival, but students ignore them for now. No one can fathom dragging out their big coats just yet … It’s still September. School is just beginning, our backs are still a little sweaty from the combination of humidity and heavy backpacks. Yes, tests, homework and essays are beginning. But also, football is starting. This is no usual Friday afternoon. It’s Friday, Sept. 9, the day before the second home game of the season. Parents, alumni and kids litter South Quad, throwing footballs and taking dome pictures, revisiting their glory days. 

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