What PWC Chair Looks for Most

Author: Hunter Kuffel


A recent poll surveying all Fall Career Expo employers showed that the most valued skill for new employees to have is e-portfolio design and maintenance. This news is far from shocking, but nonetheless, we sat down with PWC Chairman Bill Pricewaterhousecooper to discuss this, again, not at all surprising result.

“Well obviously the ability to create a dynamite e-portfolio is of the utmost importance to us,” Pricewaterhousecooper said. “Changing the primary and secondary colors, picking the right font, putting in pertinent photos: it gets at the very heart of what we, and all businesses for that matter, are trying to do.”

It was mentioned in passing that PWC also looked for things like communication and teamwork skills, but it seemed abundantly clear to this reporter that those things were practically meaningless without eye-catching modules discussing relevant coursework and semester goals, preferably with a black and white picture of the dome in the background.

“If you were to mention on a resume or in an interview that you have unmatched leadership and problem solving skills, I guess we wouldn’t ignore that,” Pricewaterhousecooper said. “If you really want to get our attention, however, I’d suggest putting a thought-provoking quote at the beginning of your ‘About Me’ tab, maybe even in italics if you’re an extra-mile kind of person.”

The rise of the e-portfolio has caused PWC to overhaul its whole corporate identity, starting with personnel. “We had several vice presidents who just couldn’t seem to get with the times,” Pricewaterhousecooper said. “I’m talking double-digit hits on their advising EPFs. Naturally, they’ve all been replaced with current sophomores who really knocked their first year reflections out of the park. One of them even had a whole tab just for her SSLP experience. That’s the kind of dynamic, innovative thinking that we’re looking for.”