The Adam Project Review

Author: Emma Koster

Netflix’s latest star-studded, action-packed movie, “The Adam Project,” dropped on the streaming platform on March 11 and has been met with mixed reviews. I would agree with the general consensus that it hits its mark. Though I wouldn’t count it as one of 2022 earth-shatteringly phenomenal films, it is definitely worth the watch and makes for an entertaining hour and 46 minutes.


“The Adam Project” follows the story of Adam Reed. The movie opens in the year 2050 with actor Ryan Reynolds’ character speeding through the sky in a high-tech spaceship, dodging oncoming fire and demands for him to stop. He launches himself and his aircraft through what looks like a worm hole opening up in the sky and the screen goes black. The next thing the viewer sees is a small, 14-year-old boy being chased through the school hallways before mouthing off to a bully and losing the fight. What follows is a meddling of timelines as the Adam Reeds of 2050 and 2022 come together to find lost love and save the world.


The film does a lot, rather successfully, all at once. It’s action, sci-fi, generally family friendly, sentimental and funny. Ryan Reynolds once again brings his singular brand of dry comedy to most projects. Veteran actors Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner are also featured in the film, bringing their own performing prowess and emotionality to the screen.


What I found particularly compelling in this Netflix original were the interactions between actors Walker Scobell and Ryan Reynolds. While two actors with such a gap in age might typically play the roles of father and son, these two stars play out the interesting dynamic of interacting with yourself. Reynolds’ Adam rolls his eyes at what he sees as the missteps of his younger self while Scobell’s Adam integrates between a boyish awe of the man he turns into and challenging disbelief of the cynicism of his later self. Reynolds nailed a unique mixture of snark, compassion, frustration and care in the way he portrayed the interactions betweens Adam of 2050 and Adam of 2022. 


Between moments of heart pumping action and heartwarming familial interactions, I thought the most unique thing about this movie was its boldness to ask: How would you treat your former self? What do you wish you could say, and just maybe, what could that version of you from 28 years ago teach you today?