Letter from the Editor

Author: Genevieve Redsten

When I first stepped foot in the Scholastic office, I was still daydreaming about transferring schools. Notre Dame was only four hours from my hometown, but I felt completely lost here. 

After timidly raising my hand in a pitch meeting, I quickly fell in love with this magazine — and the stories it allowed me to tell. Scholastic helped me get to know this school and its unique community. Four years later, I’m only wishing I had more time here.

It’s hard to say goodbye, I’ll admit. But I can’t wait to see where Greg McKenna, our next editor-in-chief, will take the magazine next year. Next year will mark Scholastic’s 155th birthday. I’m confident that Greg and the new staff will carry forward many great Scholastic traditions, while also bringing some fresh perspectives.

The April issue of Scholastic — or “Sarcastic” — lovingly pokes some fun at the Notre Dame community. Our extended humor section features stories about Notre Dame dating and the Holy Half. In the culture section, one of our writers reviews the Duncan Student Center playlist. (The Scholastic staff has strong feelings about this topic.)

But there’s some serious reporting too. Our culture section includes a profile on Notre Dame’s Ukrainian students, who are trying to make sense of the war. Our news section includes features on local service projects and a campaign to raise campus minimum wage. And as always, the sports section is full of reporting and analysis on Notre Dame athletics.

Thank you, Notre Dame, for the amazing community you’ve given me these last four years. It’s been an honor to tell your stories.

Go Irish,