Letter from the Editor

Author: Tessa Bangs

Letter from the Editor

Laughter holds much potential. It can bring together persons who were divided by an imaginary or theoretical boundary just seconds before. It can unite a community in times of crisis. It can remind a people that in tragic times, they are still alive.

For these reasons and many more, I am pleased to present Sarcastic, Scholastic’s traditional satirical issue. This issue is my first as editor-in-chief, and is produced by our new staff — yet our cover story is brought to you by our departing seniors.

In a time as politically contentious as this one, it is an apt way for them to say goodbye.

We hope that this satire allows you to look at certain issues in different ways and from various angles. More so, however, we hope that it allows you to laugh: with one another, at each other and at yourselves.

It is a great honor to lead this magazine, one whose staff and publication have been two of the greatest parts of my Notre Dame journey.

For three years, this senior class has made me understand complex problems, forced me to consider alternative angles and, above all else, made me laugh — often through production nights that had us still working at dawn. Through this issue, I hope that we have given you that same gift.

Thank you,

Tessa Bangs