LaFun after Dark

Author: Pristine Chen


We’ve all been there. It’s late Friday or Saturday night, right before any real festivities begin, and you’re wandering campus trying to think of something exciting to keep yourself preoccupied. The solution? LaFun. Here’s an ode to the various groups of people you’ll find during your late night LaFun run:

The Pre-Gamers: They’re not exactly discrete and no matter how much alcohol is in their systems, they always think a LaFun pit-stop sounds like a good idea.

Advice: Approach with caution.

The Musing Philosophers: Often characterized by intense and alert eyes, animated gestures, hunched backs and forcefully hushed voices, these vigil minds revel in the zen that is late night LaFun and can be found in any booth lining the walls.

Advice: Unless you know your way around an argument and are caffeinated enough to stay awake another couple hours defending your point, just admire from afar.

The Student Workers: Kudos to these unfortunate yet kind souls who not only put up with all of our bizarre shenanigans, but also check out our glorious bags of candy from the candy wall. God bless you.

Advice: Be friendly and always say thank you.

Pre-Movie-Night-Snack-Runners: I have to admit I am guilty of this one quite often. Double stuffed Oreos, kettle corn and a new flavor of Ben and Jerry’s to go with good ol’ Gandalf and the extended version of The Lord of the Rings. No matter how late it is, we are going to LaFun, even if we’re in our jammies.

Advice: Minimize interaction to avoid injuries. These people are on a mission.

Taco Bell Ballers: Daredevils. Risk takers. Larger than life itself. These individuals are terrifying endless holes that will devour everything they order, which is usually enough to feed your typical large Catholic family. The best part is guessing whether or not these people are inebriated, because some of them are just very hungry college students.

Advice: NEVER ask if they want to share their quesadilla. Never. Don’t even think about it.

The Homework Club: I don’t get it. Not just the homework part, but if you’re going to do homework on a weekend night… why LaFun?

Advice: No comment.