Friends with {Internships}

Author: Julia Suarez


I hate to be the one to tell you this, but winter break is the time when people start applying for summer internships. But don’t worry — you can avoid the drama! After finals week, forget everything you memorized and remember these two things:

First, if your parents tell you to “relax” over break, do NOT fall for it! They will be watching you watch Netflix. You’ll be so engrossed in “House of Cards” that you won’t notice them, but they’ll be right behind the couch, counting the seconds until you become the responsible adult that they intended to raise and start looking at

You see, they won’t tell you to apply for internships. They want you to want the best for yourself. If you don’t show initiative, they’ll hit rock bottom. My advice: have an internship application tab open at all times, and switch to it whenever you sense a parent looking over your shoulder. You won’t end up with an internship, but your parents will think you tried and they’ll be so proud!

Secondly, do NOT post on your dorm’s Facebook group to ask upperclassmen how they got their internships. You will suddenly realize that everyone but you has been a congressional staffer, a Google programmer, Tina Fey’s personal assistant, a Vogue intern who didn’t write any articles but once talked to Jennifer Lawrence for 45 seconds or all of the above.

These people won’t be able to tell you how they got their internships because they’ll be trying to remember what miracle made that happen. So this winter break, avoid the hassle of applications. Instead, stay on Netflix and stay networking, South Bend!