Four GIFs to Help You Through Your Freshman Year from Your Uncle Who Graduated From Notre Dame in 1976 and Doesn’t Understand How GIFs Work

Author: Liz Hynes


Hey, Champ! Congrats, you’re about to have the best four years of your life. College can be overwhelming, so I’ve printed out these four fun pictures that I know will help get you through it.


Look! It’s that girl you love, Kally Cooper, from The Good Wife!! This GIF reminds me a lot of my time at Notre Dame because my graduating class was the first one to include women! Yours will probably have a few more than mine did, though! ;-)


It pains me to include a GIF of critically acclaimed actor Rob Lowe, from beloved series such as The West Wing and Parks & Recreation. Your aunt jokes about leaving me for him constantly, and it cuts me like a knife. But I thought it was important to highlight how college presents a myriad of options to you, and you may not necessarily know which ones you want to take advantage of. And THAT’S OKAY!! But jokes about infidelity are not, KAREN!!!!


Here’s a fun one of Joe Michael!! The one from Soup!! He doesn’t know how to study, but I know you do, sport!!!! Keep those grades up!


Keep your chin up and always listen to Woody Cowboy’s advice!!! You’re going to be great, kid. See you at the USC game. We’re having a tailgate and you can bring all your friends.