Duncan Student Center Breakdown

Author: Becca Fritz and Jarissa Sabal


Hey, have you noticed that new monolith on the south end of campus? Yep! That’s the one. Duncan Student Center, now open to students and random community members alike. We understand that the soaring heights and glossy windows of this new ode to Our Lady might be daunting to approach, so we set out to break it down. Here’s what we found:

- New nicknames: LaDunc, DuStu, Duncan Donuts, Dusty Soup, Dibbiltydoo

- Number of floors: 130, but only every other floor is used 

Each chair was commissioned and hand-crafted by the Himalaya’s finest carpenter, John Legend.

If you look closely, every piece of furniture is made of up of thousands, or sometimes millions, of blades of grass preserved from the original field Notre Dame was first built upon.

- Money spent on printers: $4 million

- Number of printers: 0

- Total cost: 35,000 bitcoin

- Number of Starbucks: 0

- Number of Taco Bell restaurants: -2

Construction on the new new student center, which will be built on top