Alumni Hall to Zahm Hall

Author: Heidi Meyo Delgado

Alumni Hall to Zahm Hall

Built in 1931, Alumni Hall has long been known for its unique architecture. The building includes signature stone carvings of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Knute Rockne — alongside his dog, the Alumni mascot, Clashmore Mike. 


Now, as a part of the university’s residential master plan, the hall at the “center of the universe” will be undergoing renovation this upcoming 2022-2023 year. Alumni resident and junior Bryan Barriga agreed that this renovation is a must. 


“No matter how much I love Alumni, there’s no way around the fact that the building is in dire need of a major renovation,” Barriga said.  


The Assistant Director of Residential Life, Kimberly A. Kolk, told Scholastic, “Many of the design elements will draw from the University's residential master plan, and the University will also solicit feedback from staff and students of Alumni Hall.” Kolk added that the master plan will try to maintain the building’s unique characteristics. The hall's gargoyles and beautiful architectural style will remain for years to come. 


As for Alumni Hall’s traditions, Barriga reassures us that they will remain alongside its community during this renovation. The student body can continue to look forward to Alumni’s residents’ “quad dancing” and their Sunday through Thursday pizza nights. 


“I know the Alumni community is more than just the building,” Barriga said. “For one, the off-campus Dawgs still have a vital role in our community.” 


The current residents of Alumni will continue to build their community and traditions away from their convenient location facing Main Circle, a short walk away from LaFun, the Basilica and other academic buildings, to Zahm Hall. 


Zahm, the newly designated “swing dorm” for halls undergoing major, year-long renovations, has replaced Pangborn as Notre Dame’s transitory dorm on campus, as Pangborn pivoted this year to a permanent residential male community. 


Despite these changes, Barriga said, “The spirit of Alumni will live on during this transitional year.”