“Wildflower” Production Blooms With Potential

Author: Christina Murphy


A summer wind spreads the seeds of curiosity and fans the dangerous flames of desire.” 

In Lila Rose Kaplan’s “Wildflower,” an ex-drag queen, a park ranger, a young girl and a mother and son on the run are tied up in a gripping story of desire and its consequences. This month, five Notre Dame actors and actresses will channel their own interpretations of these characters.

Notre Dame’s department of film, television and theatre presented its debut performance of Kaplan’s “Wildflower” on Oct. 1. Directed by senior Anthony Murphy, “Wildflower” is the only FTT department show run exclusively by a student team.

This production is a must-see for theatre enthusiasts across campus, not only for its incredible student talent, but also due to the unique theatre construction.

The Philbin Studio Theatre of the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center provides an unforgettable space for this student-led creative endeavor. Set designer Brynn Alexander says the set-up is “more like a theatre-in-rectangle, meaning there will be audience seating on all four walls” surrounding the center stage. This creates an intimate setting that draws audience members into the performance’s complex relationships and conversations.

It also gives students the opportunity to be up-close and personal with some of Notre Dame’s most talented thespians as they tell an incredible story.

Senior costume designer Austin Hunt describes Kaplan’s 75-minute, one-act play as engaging and relatable.

“It’s a production about adolescence, summer love and the difficulties of growing up,” Hunt says.