Top Five: Things you learn as a freshman

Author: Yiyi Chen

Top Five: Things you learn as a freshmanregan76 / Flickr

"It takes how long to walk to the Pasquerilla Center from CoMo?"


1. How long it takes to walk to class

This is hard because you’re trying to remember where the next building is, where the next room in that building is, and if the person in front of you could WALK ANY SLOWER.

2. How to navigate the dining halls

No one wants to eat alone during the first couple of weeks, but there’s always the question: should I wait by the drinks or just go pick out a spot? You’ll learn that girls tend to stake out their spots before getting food and the person in front of you tends to be LITERALLY A SNAIL.

3. How to ration your flex points

Ah yes, the 400 dollars you have in flex points just seemingly disappeared within weeks. The usual culprit is Starbucks. Go ahead and tell yourself you’ll do better next semester.

4. How to dress for the lovely South Bend weather

One minute it’s beautiful and sunny, and the next, it’s pouring. Experts say the secret is to dress in layers. Well, Mother Nature laughs in the face of your layers. In the winter, you’ll start wishing Father Sorin had stopped another 100 miles south from here.

5. How to take that perfect Dome pic

Because you know there’s nothing as beautiful as that Golden Dome. Then, you see the sun for the first time in five months.