Tech Review: WhatsApp

Author: Isabella Tasende



Combining Messages, GroupMe, Snapchat and Facetime all in one, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular text and voice messaging apps around the world.


In fact, it wasn’t until I came to the United States that I realized WhatsApp wasn’t the standard texting app everywhere. Its easy-to-use interface has appealing text bubbles that make apps like Messages widely appreciated and the ability to create large groups, which reduces the need for additional applications like GroupMe. Plus, its sticker-sending feature grants the perfect response to that daring text your friend sent.


Aesthetically, WhatsApp is incredibly customizable. The background chat wallpaper gallery offers 39 different options for you to choose from, as well as the ability to import personal photos. It also allows users to set their profile picture, making it that much easier to connect faces to names in those big university group chats. It offers a myriad of features, such as the ability to send documents and voice-notes, as well as share your live location with a friend.


Still, WhatsApp’s biggest appeal comes from its versatile nature and inclusivity. It works perfectly across all platforms and operating systems, so it doesn’t matter whether users have Apple or Samsung phones. It also allows for free international video and phone calls, as it relies on your device’s cellular data and Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, these video calls can be made to entire groups of people, rendering alternatives like FaceTime — which only works across Apple products — obsolete.


WhatsApp is a great alternative for all your communication needs, and it helps keep those who are far away close by.