#tbt: Praises for Fall Break

Author: Corinne Quane

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In the Oct. 16, 1985 issue of Scholastic, Bill P. Webber wrote about the necessity of fall break. While many schools don’t break in October — with students having to wait until Thanksgiving for some time off — Notre Dame, fortunately, does. For students, fall break serves as a week of respite before the second half of the semester begins. For some, it’s a chance to explore a new place or vacation with friends. For first-year students especially, fall break means a comforting trip home after, as Webber puts it, “a new roommate, a losing football team and dorm food.” It seems that our desperate desire for this one week off in October has not changed over the past 37 years. Especially given the comment about the losing football team, this opinion piece hits a little too close to home. Students started off break with a Notre Dame football loss, but got to end it with a win! Hopefully, the Irish can still turn the season around and fare better than the 1985 team, which finished their season with five wins and six losses.