#TBT: Fall Fashion Rundown

Author: Sara Wheeler

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In Scholastic’s Oct. 6, 2005 issue — five years before we gained the ability to curate idyllic Pinterest boards displaying our dream outfits — writer Meaghan Garvey offered readers a Fall Fashion rundown. She briefly laid out a few trends that were “hot” and others that were “so five minutes ago,” adhering to the standards of the early 2000s, of course.

How does Garvey’s fashion evaluation hold up almost two decades later? To start, Garvey promoted wearing “lots of layers,” with the longest layer “peeking out from underneath.” While using “cami[s]” as a layering technique is not quite as popular as it was 2005, layering a sweater or crew neck sweatshirt over a long button down shirt is a common look nowadays.

Garvey celebration of “skinny jeans” and disapproval of “ripped denim” couldn’t be more outdated. Sorry millennials, most of Gen Z would agree that skinny jeans are a condemned item. In 2023, the most sought-after denim pants are baggy, flared or wide-legged. Fans of the 2000s signature Gloria Vanderbilt brand might be pleased to hear that low-rise pants are making a comeback, though!

With regard to footwear, Garvey described the “endless options” for “tall boots” that could have a “range of heels from wedges to stacked platforms to flats.” Notably, though, she deemed UGGs as “out.” Garvey would be horrified to see the untold number of students on campus that don UGGs on a daily basis. It’s worth mentioning that since 2005, UGG boot trends have evolved from being tall and chunky to a more low-rise form, with Tasman Slippers, Ultra Mini, and Mini Platform UGGs being extremely popular.

Although some people swear by the 20-year cycle for predicting fashion trends, the influence of social media apps like TikTok have greatly contracted trend lifespans. Unfortunately, Scholastic can only wait to see if Garvey’s fashion advice will become any more relevant in 2025!