Author: Claire Early

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Notre Dame and Ohio State met for the eighth time in history on Sept. 23 for a thrilling (if eventually depressing) game. This most recent matchup calls to mind the first historic matchup between the two teams, the Nov. 2, 1935 game at Ohio State. Some Scholastic readers may remember it like it was yesterday, but for those who don’t: the Buckeyes dominated in the first half, leading the Irish 13-0, but the Irish scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter, winning the game 18-13.

The final touchdown came with less than 40 seconds on the clock, the pass thrown by … Bill Shakespeare? Yes, the man who threw the game-winning pass shares a name with the Bard. The highly anticipated matchup and shocking turn of events at the end (starring a famed early modern playwright no less) had sports fans hailing it as “The Game of the Century.”

The Buckeyes weren’t the only ones to suffer a loss in the game, though. In the Nov. 15, 1935 issue of Scholastic, Rev. Eugene Medved, O.S.B., from St. Thomas Grand Seminary in Oregon sent in the following report from the game: "The tense excitement of the Notre Dame-Ohio game cost one student here the loss of his front tooth. E. J. Spear, theologian of St. Thomas' Grand Seminary, in the fever of excitement of the fourth quarter swung his elbow enthusiastically into the face of a fellow student, knocking out his front tooth.”

As for this past game, I think the lack of dental emergencies in the crowd counts as a win.