Tailgate Like a Champion Today

Author: Brianna Bahe

The Pregame Show - Notre Dame fans enjoy the gameday atmosphere at tailgates in the main lot.

A smoky, savory smell wafts past your nose. A cool breeze rustles some leaves. The sun shines on the top of your head and warms your hair. Excited voices rise and fall all around you. Campus is vibrant and alive. It’s fall football season at Notre Dame.

During every home game, Notre Dame welcomes thousands of guests to campus. Parents, friends, alumni, students and fans all make their way to South Bend and congregate in Notre Dame Stadium to enjoy an evening of football. But before they do so, many park their cars and spend the day with their friends and family. Tailgating is a gameday tradition, and students and visitors alike are part of the festivities.

Senior political science major Casey Baker says, “It gives you the chance to run around and talk to all of your friends and really gets you hyped for the game.”

Students of all levels enjoy tailgating. Freshman psychology major Alyssa Bahe says of her first tailgating experiences this year, “Tailgating is a way to connect with alumni and really take part in that unique Notre Dame community.”

While not everyone takes part in tailgating at every home game, the tailgating culture is still very prevalent on gameday and contributes to the community atmosphere at Notre Dame.