Student Makes Eye Contact with Someone She Met at Domerfest

Author: Maddie Loftin

Student Makes Eye Contact with Someone She Met at Domerfest

Sophomore Katie O’Connor recently ran into some trouble while getting dinner at South Dining Hall.

“I looked up from my food and made eye contact with this guy I met at Domerfest,” she told Scholastic, still visibly shaken. “And I could tell he sorta recognized me. What was I supposed to do? Wave? Ignore him? Go up and say hi?”

She settled on pretending to sneeze violently into her stir fry in order to break the eye contact.

“It’s a weird relationship. You spend two extremely awkward, anxietyfueled, inebriated hours with someone, and then it’s like you’re connected for the rest of your life.” When asked for the guy’s name, Katie simply shrugged. “I think it was Dan. Or Dave. Or Dennis.”

We did manage to track down the student, whose name is Thomas.

“Oh, yeah, dude,” Thomas said, “I didn’t know what to do, so I just left. I didn’t even take my plate. I just ran.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see him without visibly cringing,” said Katie, a bit wistfully. “I sometimes wonder what could have been if we’d met under different circumstances.”

Both students expressed excitement for Domerfest 2.0 their senior year.