Staff Endorsement: Stinson-Sherman Bring Experience, Know-How

Author: Scholastic Staff

Dane Sierra"

Notre Dame students have the choice between two strong tickets for student body president and vice president. Scholastic is endorsing Sierra Stinson and Dane Sherman because of their extensive experience and detailed plans for action. 

Both Stinson and Sherman have firsthand experience in the executive cabinet, and their platform lays out specific, well-researched proposals to make Notre Dame a more inclusive community. Their personal experience is an asset as well. Both Stinson and Sherman are members of underrepresented communities, giving them insight into what those communities need from student and administrative leaders. 

Stinson and Sherman’s proposed Pre-First Year Program would be a promising resource for first-generation and low-income students. By offering affordable summer classes and programming, this initiative would help students adjust to the academic rigor of college. 

Patrick Lee and Sofie Stitt bring their experience in the Hall President’s Council, as well as Lee’s time in the Student Senate. Representing their dorm communities has given Lee and Stitt insight into what students want and need. They propose fresh yet practical ideas, such as lowering the price of fitness classes in the Duncan Student Center. Their platform devotes serious thought to mental health, an urgent problem on campus — especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Lee and Stitt’s most ambitious goal is a more technical one: reinstating the Student Life Council. This council would have more sway over the university administration than the currently existing Campus Life Council, and its meetings would be open to all students. Lee and Stitt believe this council would give students more power and hold administrators accountable. The idea is interesting, but it’s unclear why university administrators would agree to it. 

Though Lee and Stitt propose exciting ideas, they would need time to develop relationships with administrators — and to learn what is and isn’t possible.

Stinson and Sherman have already spent time learning the ropes as executive cabinet leaders. They have already formed relationships with administrators and student groups across campus. Their platform reflects their many conversations with students, and their knowledge of past student government work. 

Scholastic believes this experience will allow Stinson and Sherman to make an impact as student body president and vice president. Their priorities — inclusion and accessibility — are key to making Notre Dame a stronger community.