SenNotes: Student Senate Update

Author: Joe Disipio

SenNotes: Student Senate Update

Transparency is the key to any functioning government, so in every issue, Scholastic will attempt to pull back the curtain on student government and see what makes the Senate, elected to represent the interests of the student body, tick.

Sept. 27: A presentation by Heather Ryan on updates to Title IX was on the agenda for this week, but was unfortunately rescheduled. What followed was a real deep dive into the functions of the Senate in drafting amendments, resolutions, letters and orders. What is important to know for us regular folk is that we can use our friends in the Senate to suggest changes to the administration or to issue o cial statements on behalf of the student body. For an explanatory example, the senators walked through a resolution (a suggestion to the university) to change morning parietal hours from 9 a.m. to 8 a.m. to better accommodate student needs to use all dorm doors following morning events such as ROTC training, a workout or an early breakfast. e key to any resolution or amendment is hard evidence and student support, so if you have a concern, speak to your senator.

Oct. 4: The Senate attended ND Forum: How Global Trends Shape U.S. Foreign Policy in DPAC, which featured Andrew H. Card, Jr. and Denis R. McDonough, former chief of staffs of the Bush and Obama administrations respectively.

Overheard: Duncan Student Center Ballroom is open for business. Duncan Hall will host its first SYR on Saturday, Oct. 7, coincidence or initiative by rector Nhat Nguyen? SAO says it can be used for much more though, such as all-class or club meetings, fundraising events and more. The biggest plus: outside food and drink can be brought in, so those Chik Fil A dreams may come true. Other updates from Student Senate this month: student government will continue collections for recent hurricanes, especially for Puerto Rico relief ... A FLYING SQUIRREL FOUND ITS WAY INTO LAFUN ... Discussions on DACA, Title IX and more to come.

The Student Senate meets weekly at 6 p.m. in the Notre Dame Room in LaFun. Sessions are open to the public and are streamed live on Facebook page of Notre Dame Student Government.