Residential Life Opens the Undergraduate Community at Fischer

Author: Lilly Ashworth

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In the spring of 2023, Residential Life announced the creation of an on-campus, apartment-style residential space for sophomores, juniors and seniors. The Undergraduate Community at Fischer (UCF) is in its inaugural year, housing about 80 students in Buildings 1-8 of the Fischer Graduate Residences.

A unique living experience with amenities such as two separate bedrooms, a full kitchen and even patios for some apartments, UCF counts towards the required six semesters of on-campus housing. Students interested in living at UCF filled out the Hall Transfer Request form which were then reviewed by Residential Life. Students were chosen based on “a variety of factors such as seniority and background,” explained Rector Beatrice Comty-Charnock.

“I love the students – their energy, dedication and passion,” said Comty-Charnock. “They have so much going for themselves, and it shows in everything they do. I have an incredible group of students living at UCF this year.”

Since UCF is composed of an equal number of male and female students, hall staff is also composed of both male and female students with Comty-Charnock serving as the only rector. While different from the traditional dorms on campus, UCF shares some of the same traditions as others — even parietals, which prevents outside guests from entering residents’ units during certain hours.

“One of the more exciting facets of creating a new community is nominating and

voting on a mascot,” Comty-Charnock said. “Our mascot is the fireflies and our colors are black and purple.”

UCF hosts Friday night cookouts before home football games, “Mass and socials” on Sunday mornings and even a home-cooked meal twice a month in Comty-Charnock’s apartment.


“UCF is small but mighty,” said Kat Regala, a junior living in UCF. “We don’t have the same traditions and cemented culture as other dorms, but we have kind, welcoming people who are building a new tight-knit community from the ground up.”