Letter from the President-Elect

Author: Dawson Kiser and Maeve Miller

Photo of Dawson Kiser and Maeve Miller standing side by side"

Dear Notre Dame,

We cannot begin to express the honor we feel in this opportunity to serve you as your next Student Body President and Vice President. We both love this community so much and look forward to making real, positive changes that every student can feel during our time in office.

Fellow students, you are the reason we are here, and you are our top priority. We cannot wait to get to work for you!

We have lots of exciting ideas on how to best serve Notre Dame that fall into three main categories: improving student life, ensuring all students have equal representation and opportunity and enriching the campus we love. Specific initiatives we plan to bring to fruition include improving current laundry and water quality efforts across campus, establishing a multi-ethnic student speaker series and creating an AI tool specifically for Notre Dame students that will allow for better engagement and accessibility of the multitude of resources at Notre Dame. Through these ideas and many more, we will work to make Notre Dame better for all students, according to students.

We also want to hear from you. If you have any questions or concerns or just want to talk, please visit us in the Student Government office on the first floor of LaFortune Student Center. We hope every student feels the impact of Student Government this year, whether that be through new policies or attending events. We’re here for you, Notre Dame!

We are looking forward to a year of making your vision for Notre Dame a reality. Let’s get to work, Irish!


Irish by a Million,

Dawson Kiser

Student Body President-Elect


Maeve Miller

Student Body Vice President-Elect