Letter from the Editor

Author: Greg McKenna


Fall break was a bit too short, wasn’t it? Scratch that. Way too short. A post-break and post-game day edition of the Sunday scaries? 

Count me out. 

At least it’s still fall, even if the permacloud is already upon us. Regardless of whether you’ve been traveling to the Starbucks LaFun every morning (or night) for a pumpkinspiced latte or ridicule those who do, flip to our culture section to learn what autumnthemed offerings from Trader Joe’s you need to try. 

Still clinging to summer? Fine. 

Just put your “dogs” away and your flip flops in the closet, Humor Editor Chris Russo pleads. 

We also hope you take the time to read the stories of the 10 brave women from Ukraine studying as exchange students at Notre Dame this semester. They know what it’s like to be awakened at 3 a.m. by air sirens, watch missiles explode above their homes or traverse Western Europe in search of a safe haven, but they want you to know there’s more to them and their country than war. 

Many students from Florida also had their minds fixed on home when Hurricane Ian made landfall at the end of September. Their families were used to storms, but this one — the state’s deadliest hurricane in nearly 90 years — was different.

On a much less serious note, Irish fans have become accustomed to watching Notre Dame pursue a College Football Playoff bid the last few seasons. The possibility of a national championship disappeared a long time ago, but women’s soccer is here to fill the void. Flip to our sports section to learn how a pair of South Bend products and childhood best friends have reunited to help make coach Nate Norman’s team a College Cup contender. 

The prospect of several NCAA Tournament games at Alumni Stadium is one of many things to look forward to as the semester starts dwindling. Cheer on your friends and support a good cause at Baraka Bouts. Have fun (but too much fun) at Carroll Christmas and the many holiday events hosted by our residence halls. 

I know there’s still plenty to dread in the coming months, but don’t despair. I’ll throw up some prayers asking for your organic chemistry professor (or TA) to start grading a little nicer. Hey, there’s always a chance your crazy Uncle Jerry doesn’t bring up the midterms at Thanksgiving dinner. 


Gregory McKenna