Letter from the Editor

Author: Genevieve Redsten

Happy March, Notre Dame. The snow has melted, the permacloud has passed and it looks like spring might be here to stay — let’s hope. Scholastic is back for the spring, too. We hope you’ll join us for this month’s news, culture, sports and more.

Notre Dame is chock full of traditions, but if you spend enough time on campus, you’ll also notice how quickly things change. First-years arrive and seniors move onto the next adventure; new buildings are constructed and old ones are knocked down. Our cover story tells the history of a small street that has watched Notre Dame expand and change.

March is National Disability Awareness Month. Scholastic spoke with Notre Dame’s disability leaders, Access-Able, about their efforts to improve accessibility and inclusion on campus.

Our guest columnists also have ideas for the Notre Dame community. In our culture section, a vegan student makes the case for more plant-based dining options. In our opinion section, a professor and a student encourage the university to bestow an honorary degree on a human rights leader. 

In the slower weeks between midterms and finals, you might be looking for something to fill the time. Turn to our culture section for TV and movie recommendations. Or maybe you’re looking for something to read; our perspectives section has three thoughtful and nostalgic personal essays. It’s been an exciting few months for Notre Dame athletics. For our Fighting Irish fans, the sports section has season recaps and analysis about the football season ahead.

Finally, if spring fever has you at your wit’s end, you can always find a laugh in our humor section.