Letter from the Editor

Author: Daphne Saloomey


Since joining Scholastic my freshman year, I’ve dreamt of writing my first letter from the editor. I always imagined I’d be doing it with twin senses of excitement — to be starting a new chapter of life at the helm of a publication I love — and nervousness — as I searched for exactly the right words to begin my tenure. I never once imagined anything like the scenario I now find myself in: writing from the desk of my childhood bedroom, separated from Scholastic’s staff by miles and time zones as we weather a global pandemic. 

In these uncertain times, the unwavering determination of this staff to put out an issue remotely has moved me. I’d like to take a moment to thank them for all their hard work. I’d especially like to thank all of the senior staff, who I’ve been immensely privileged to know and work alongside, including my predecessor, Ellie Buerk, whose mentorship I’m eternally grateful for.

This issue tries to capture the varied facets of being a student in the era of COVID-19. It explores the transition to online classes, reports firsthand the trials and tribulations faced by students as they adapt to life away from campus and provides copious recommendations of things to stream, read and do to ease the adjustment into a socially distant lifestyle. 

The issue also devotes some time to discussions of both physical and mental health during this period of stagnancy, offering both personal perspectives, and recommendations and resources from the University Counseling Center. Those mourning the suspension of live sports events should turn to our Sports section for some connection to ND athletics and ideas about how to work on your own fitness at home. And, if you’re looking for a laugh, please enjoy our quarantine-themed humor pieces.

Everything about the world that we’re currently living in is different from what we’ve ever known. But one thing remains the same: the Notre Dame community is going through this experience together, even when apart. I hope Scholastic can remind you of this.

Enjoy the issue and be well. 



Daphne Saloomey