Letter from the Editor

Author: Ellie Buerk

Letter from the Editor

In the September 26, 1991 issue of Scholastic, writer Ian Mitchell compiled a summary of opinions about Notre Dame drawn from various college guidebooks. According to Mitchell, the Fiske guidebook at the time reported that “everyone at the university, from administrators to students, is considered part of the ‘Notre Dame Family.’” While the review admits that this can strike “too close for comfort” for some students, ultimately Fiske advises, “if you’re looking for a friendly, caring environment, and a university that combines an excellent academic program with great athletics and an overwhelming Catholic tradition, ND is the place for you.”

It’s no mistake that Fiske uses the word ‘overwhelming’ to describe the prevalence of the Catholic identity at Notre Dame. For some students that is precisely the experience of life on campus, but for others Catholicism is the central tenet that makes Notre Dame what it is. Over 25 years later, Scholastic is revisiting the investigative quest for thea Notre Dame identity. What does it mean to be a student at a university with such a strong sense of religious tradition?

In this issue, you’ll also find coverage of Attorney General William Barr’s controversial visit to campus. During a closed event on Oct. 11, Barr voiced hardline opinions on religion, secularism, and the experiment of American democracy.

On a less polarizing note, Scholastic profiled Dr. Laura Miller-Graff’s research on intimate partner violence. Miller-Graff recently received a $2.5 million grant to fund the development of group therapy programs for violence-exposed pregnant women.

Other stories include a feature on the Notre Dame 10, leaders of a student movement protesting the Vietnam war, who returned to campus after fifty years to reflect on their occupation of the main building. In sports, you can find a postseason review of men’s and women’s soccer. And finally, if you’re looking for a laugh, read all about a conspiracy theory that claims the Irish Mafia is behind the reelection of Rev. JayJay Jaykins, C.S.C. to the position of university president.

As the early snow pushes you indoors, please enjoy the latest issue of Scholastic. Happy reading!

Ellie Buerk