Letter From the Editor

Author: Juan Jose Rodriguez

Juan Jose 2018"

Resiliency and fortitude in the face of adversity often defines a person or group’s success. Rather than let the negatives of a situation take over, focusing on the goal ahead tends to yield the most positive results.


That same spirit defines multiple elements of this issue, especially the cover story in which Scholasticprofiles each of the candidates — and ultimately endorsement of one — vying for the office of student body president and vice president. All eight students comprising this four-ticket race have excelled both before and during their time at Notre Dame, including overcoming a myriad of obstacles to reach the point at which they stand just two days before the election. They all bring different qualifications to the race, from various leadership roles to the charisma and leadership qualities required of the office.


And for our many loyal print subscribers, we unfortunately could not release a print issue due to a pair of unforeseen circumstances. First, extreme cold weather forced the university’s first shutdown for such circumstances in five years and, just two hours after its reopening, a pipe burst above our office in the Duncan Student Center, closing the building for another day. 


Nonetheless, we could not let weather get in the way of another issue filled with excellent contributions all around. You’ll find in-depth profiles of each ticket and the official Scholasticendorsement, as well as our regular news, culture and sports features.


To any students who read this issue, we urge you to engage these student leaders. Let them know your thoughts, concerns and ways in which Notre Dame can improve. Ultimately, though, vote. Let your voice be heard. As always, we hope you enjoy.


Go Irish!




Juan José Rodriguez