Letter from the Editor

Author: Tessa Bangs


As I write this letter, campus is filled with thousands of new students that I have not yet met, multiple new buildings that I have not yet explored and, for the first time in nearly a century, a new school — whose inner-workings I do not yet understand.

Alongside all of these beginnings, I find myself surrounded by history.

Scholastic is in its 150th year, and even as we prepare to pack up our old magazine covers and archives and move to the new Duncan Student Center, I continue to hear the stories of editors from this publication’s history. I remain in awe of how much of the past is recorded in these volumes.

To commemorate this history, Scholastic will be telling the stories of one of our former editors in every print issue published this year. The first of these chronicles belongs to Joe Pequigney of the Class of 1944. I met Joe and his friend, Stephen Rodgers, class of ‘68, this past summer. Joe, who went on to an esteemed career in academia, was at Notre Dame when it was all male, and served, in part, as a military training ground. The past is never all that far away.

At the same time, while I am guiding this publication through its anniversary celebration, I am personally embarking on my fourth and final year here.

Since the time I first stepped foot on this campus as a student, what seems like countless new buildings and institutions have sprung up. As a class, we have overlapped with roughly 12,000 other undergraduate students. For all of this ever-present change, there is still so much more about this place to learn.

I was able to uncover some of these unknowns through this issue’s cover story, looking at the first month of the Keough School for Global Affairs, and exploring how Notre Dame’s new school is both looking out toward the world while also bringing so much of the world in.

There are now 150 years of recorded history behind us. I look forward to my final year of contributing to this publication of record.


Tessa Bangs