Good Eats at South Bend

Author: Corinne Quane

At some point during the semester, the dining hall’s food may send you running — or crawling — to the nearest off-campus eatery. Or perhaps, Modern Market won’t quite meet your standards for a romantic date. Better yet, maybe your parents will be in town and want to treat you to an expensive off-campus meal. We suggest visiting some of the following restaurants to enjoy a night away from campus.



Nick’s Patio


1710 North Ironwood Drive

(574) 277-7400

Prices: Meals range from $8 to $17

Commonly referred to as “Natio’s,” Nick’s Patio has been serving Domers delicious breakfast and lunch options for over 30 years! With its lively atmosphere and quality food, Nick’s Patio is the perfect place to wrap up your weekend night. We recommend you order the pancakes.





537 North St Louis Boulevard

(574) 233-2464

Prices: Pizzas range from $13 to $27 depending on toppings and size

Rocco’s, the family restaurant that claims to have brought pizza to South Bend, is a popular spot to take family when they come into town. Pizza, pasta and salad cover red and white checkered tablecloths while the jukebox blasts your favorite radio jams. On a friend’s birthday, do not be surprised if the crowd of locals joins in singing “Happy Birthday.”





Location: 3921 North Main Street

(574) 255-8000

Prices: $4.36 for single scoop

Located a short drive from campus, Ritter’s offers a variety of confections guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. With its great variety of custard flavors, Ritter’s is a great place to stop after grabbing dinner at one of Mishawaka’s restaurants. Customers can choose from custards, Italian ice and sundaes, but we recommend a waffle cone of cookie dough.


Salsa’s Mexican Grill


4160 Grape Road

(574) 387 4547

Prices: Around $12 for enchiladas, quesadillas and burritos

If you are searching for a Mexican meal that isn’t a dining hall quesadilla, grab some friends and head over to Salsa’s. This locally owned restaurant, interiorly modeled after a Mexican Plaza, will satisfy your cravings for Mexican cuisine with entrees such as Burrito San Jose and Enchiladas Vegetarianas. Be sure to order the tableside guac — they mash it right in front of you!



Mission BBQ


5230 North Main Street, Suite B

(574) 355-3434

Prices: $12 for a brisket sandwich, $13 for a two-meat sampler

Craving some good barbeque? From pulled pork to baby back ribs, Mission BBQ has several fun meal options suited for all. The restaurant is covered in posters, uniforms, and photos highlighting the restaurant’s goal of supporting all veterans and first responders. The best part? Each table has a collection of six unique barbeque sauces. Use them all at once or select your favorite one — there’s no wrong way to go about it!



Brothers Bar and Grill


1234 North Eddy Street, Suit 125

(574) 287-2767

Prices: Around $12 for burgers, $14 for wings

Located on Eddy Street, Brothers is well known amongst students for their $2 burgers on Tuesday nights. But if burgers aren’t your thing, Brothers also offers stellar wings, nachos and chicken sandwiches among many other options. The sports bar atmosphere makes for a lively vibe any weekday or weekend night!



Aladdin’s Eatery


317 West University Drive

(574) 272-2227

Prices: Plates range from $13 to $18

Wondering where to go if you have diet restrictions? Serving Lebanese-American cuisine, Aladdin’s Eatery has vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and nut free options. In the calm atmosphere of the restaurant, the meals are always delicious and fresh. Simple but outstanding, you cannot go wrong with their hummus appetizer!



Papa Vino’s Italian Kitchen


5110 Edison Lakes Parkway

(574) 271-1692

Prices: Pastas range from $12 to $19

If you feel limited by the sauce options lining the dining hall pasta bar, Papa Vino’s is a great Italian spot. Whether you choose to tackle this Mishawaka restaurant family style or with your own individual orders, Papa Vino’s is sure to satisfy you — especially if you try Linguini Alla Nonna (Grandmother’s Recipe). The low lighting and subtle Italian theming adds to the enjoyable dinner experience.





127 South Michigan Street

(574) 520-1777

Prices: $10 to $12 for omelets, $12 to $14 for eggs benedict, $6 for cinnamon rolls

Located downtown, PEGGS is one of South Bend’s top brunch spots. From the complimentary cup of coffee when you first walk in to the cinnamon roll aroma that will stop you from ever wanting to leave, a meal at PEGGS is a guaranteed quality experience. Visit with family and friends for an old-fashioned American breakfast and true South Bend hospitality.