From the Desks of Rachel and Sarah

Author: Rachel Ingal and Sarah Galbenski

From the Desks of Rachel and Sarah

Our hearts ache with the news of the passing of first year students Valeria Espinel and Olivia Laura Rojas. We express our deepest condolences to Valeria and Olivia’s families, friends and the communities of Badin and Cavanaugh Hall. We pray for the eternal repose of their souls, and that they may rest in the eternal happiness of our Lord. 

Please know that the University Counseling Center (574-631-7336) and Campus Ministry (574-631-7800) are both available to anyone who is in need of support during this difficult time.

We ask that you continue to pray that Valeria and Olivia’s families and all those hurting from this tragic accident find comfort and peace. As we grieve their loss, let us remember to show kindness and grace with one another during this difficult time.


In Our Lady, 

Rachel and Sarah