From the Desks of Corey and Becca

Author: Corey Robinson and Rebecca Blais


Lead. Connect. Serve. These are the three tenets of our new administration as student body president and vice president for the upcoming school year.

Leadership transcends singular facets of our lives. We are called to lead as friends, in our halls and clubs, on our campus and in the world. As students, we must lead one another in an effort to make our university a national leader that represents the values and core beliefs we hold.

Connecting with students, administrators and South Bend is essential for students here at Notre Dame. The university prides itself on the strong “ND family” and, truly, the Notre Dame experience is defined by the tenacity and passion of its students and alumni. We believe this feeling of community necessarily extends to our neighbor: South Bend. During our administration, we will strengthen the bond between South Bend and Notre Dame through open communication and mutual participation. We hope to see this strengthened bond manifest itself in increased local internship possibilities and community-based research projects using partnerships with EnFocus and the Center for Social Concerns.

Service is a key component of what it means to belong to the Notre Dame community. As students and catalysts for change in the world, we view our education as preparation for lives geared towards serving others. Whether it be in a classroom, board room or in the community, our futures will be shaped by our time at Notre Dame. We believe student government can help students optimize the quality of their time here on campus by taking advantage of existing resources such as the McDonald Center for Student Well-Being in St. Liam’s and the Career Center.

We are honored and privileged to serve you in the upcoming year. Together, we can work to better our Notre Dame community and create the change on campus that we all aspire to see.

God bless and go Irish,

Corey Robinson and

Rebecca Blais