From the Desks of Corey and Becca

Author: Corey Robinson and Rebecca Blais


Announcing Race Relations Week

From Oct. 24 through 27, Student Government is hosting the first Race Relations Week in Notre Dame’s 175-year history. The goal of Race Relations Week is to promote meaningful discourse within the Notre Dame community on racial justice from a variety of perspectives. The discussion will primarily focus on four topics:

- Psychology, co-sponsored by Campus Ministry and the Center for Social Concerns

- Politics, co-sponsored by ND Forum

- Opportunity, co-sponsored by the President’s Office

- Sexual assault, co-sponsored by the Gender Relations Center

Attendees will be encouraged to think critically about the intersection of race, faith, community relations, education, politics, gender and sexual violence. In collaboration with the Race Relations Week, there is an exciting discussion on politics. Student Government’s Department of National Engagement and Outreach is partnering with ND Forum to host a Mock Presidential Debate on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 6 p.m. Two candidates representing our country’s two major political parties will face a series of questions varying from U.S. Foreign Policy to racial tensions to the economy. We will even be collecting questions from the student body to ensure that our questions are relevant to our students. We hope that this event will encourage students to challenge themselves and their beliefs, as well as encourage all of us to become even more engaged in civics, politics and a better understanding of our country. Through this packed week of events, Notre Dame students, faculty and staff — as well as our local community members — will feel empowered to be agents of change both on campus and in the world at large. Due to the unprecedented nature of the Race Relations Week and the national focus on this year’s election, Oct. 24 through 27 will be a week to remember for years to come. We encourage you to use this unique opportunity to participate in meaningful and important dialogue about the future of our university and country.

In Notre Dame,

Corey Robinson, Student Body President

Becca Blais, Student Body Vice President