From the Desks of Bryan and Nidia: It's Time for Change

Author: Bryan Rickets and Nidia Ruelas


As we begin the month of March, we realize that our tenure in office is coming to a close. Thank you, Notre Dame, for the opportunity to serve and represent you. During our term we have launched an online forum called Onward to streamline ideas from every corner of campus into projects and initiatives. Together, we have pledged as a community to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers in our community’s effort to end sexual violence and hold each other to the highest standard. In the same way, the mental health awareness campaign “Just Ask” called on us to care for one another through honest conversations about mental health. From the launching of a new and accessible website to the critical conversations about the Academic Code of Honor, it has been a year full of thoughtful, intentional and meaningful change.

While our student government administration may have had the idea and the vision behind several of these dreams and opportunities, we would not have been capable of accomplishing it all without your trust in us, your commitment to each other and your commitment to Notre Dame. As we come to the close of our term, we have one final but essential request of the student body we know and love: we ask that you continue to be agents of change. We ask that you continue to be committed, incessant and consistent in your drive for a better Notre Dame.

Continue to embrace the crucial and challenging conversations on the culture surrounding sexual violence. Challenge yourselves to think about the biases and constructs we each live in every day, whether those be the physical barriers to engaging in the South Bend community just beyond our campus, structural barriers rooted in racial and ethnic or even socioeconomic prejudices, or ideological barriers that keep us from understanding the plight of struggling immigrants and refugees fighting and hoping for a better tomorrow. Believe in that better tomorrow not only for Notre Dame, but also for the world. Dream big, start small, think different and live in love and community.

Notre Dame, it has been an honor to serve and work with you all. We believe in all this community stands for and will hold our faith in you forever in our hearts. In peace, we leave this office at the end of March in the capable hands of Corey Robinson and Becca Blais and hope that you all will rise up to the challenge of working together to continue to build a better Notre Dame.

In Our Lady, love thee Notre Dame,

Bryan and Nidia