From the Desks of Becca and Sib - What would you change about Notre Dame?

Author: Rebecca Blais and Sibonay Shewit

From the Desks of Becca and Sib - What would you change about Notre Dame?

We ran on the idea of flipping the model; that is, coming to you rather than always asking you to come to us. We are excited to take that vision to the next level with our upcoming project, Town Halls On-the-Go.

Our question has always been, “What would you change about Notre Dame?” We are motivated by this question and the answers we receive. For Town Halls On-the-Go, we will be visiting every dorm to share updates and hear suggestions on what you would like to see change. We will be sharing updates on the progress we have made with the initiatives you have suggested in the past nine months, and taking notes on how we can help you achieve your goals.

Since our last Scholastic update, the Cabinet has been busy with your suggested projects. For example, Jonah Shainberg, director of athletics, is facilitating the greeNDot training of varsity athletic teams, and he began with the fencing team just two weeks ago. Molly Walsh and Trever Carter, co-directors of FUEL, have officially welcomed 20 first year members into student government.

Keenan White, director of faith & service, hosted a “teaching mass” for non-Catholic community members. Isabel Rooper, director of gender relations, and Nick Ottone hosted “First Year: Unfiltered,” an event that highlighted experiences with race, socioeconomic status, LGBTQ+, and sexual assault at Notre Dame.

Moving forward, Austin Matheny, director of social concerns, is kickstarting a sustainability campaign for the month of October that will be showcasing group’s the efforts to go green. Sean McMahon, director of campus tech, collected student body tech survey data and we will be using it to shape how we reach you. We will be sharing more updates on student government happenings on our social media:

Facebook: @ndstudgov

Twitter: @NDstudgov

Instagram: @ndstudentgovernment

It’s never too late to get involved, reach out for coffee, and share new ideas. Also, feel free to attend a Senate meeting — they are every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Notre Dame Room, second floor of LaFun.


Becca & Sib
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